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Vivek Parashar (along with his wife, Anita - not pictured), owners of New Frontier Market (located at 8th Ave and Van Buren St.), support Ted for Ward 1.

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For years, I've been impressed with Ted Coopman's informed and effective neighborhood leadership. Ted understands Ward One, listens to us, asks the right questions, and makes good decisions. Ted gets things done."

-Emily Semple, current Ward 1 City Councilor

"As a former Ward 1 City Councilor, I see a clear difference in this election's candidates. Ted Coopman stands out as the only candidate who has been deeply engaged with Ward 1 residents, both as a leader of the Jefferson Westside Neighbors and the one candidate who has actually accomplished increasing affordable housing that enhances our neighborhoods. Neither of the other candidates has demonstrated the same commitment to Ward 1."

-George Brown, former Ward 1 City Councilor; owner, Kiva Grocery Store

"By education, life experience and temperament, Ted Coopman is the best candidate and will make an excellent Ward 1 City  Councilor.  He has a great understanding of the role of City Council, the ability to really understand the difficult issues, and to work well within the Council as a whole to make our city the best it can be.  I urge you to vote for Ted Coopman for Ward 1 City Council."

-Gary Rayor, former Ward 1 City Councilor 1998 to 2002 

"I have worked with Ted on a wide range of issues including homelessness impacts and solutions, land use, economic development, and meeting our climate goals. Ted is always well informed and driven by evidence and pragmatism, not ideology. I found him to be willing to listen, compromise and even change his position based on good fact-based arguments and the expressed needs and desires of his neighbors. Ted is someone I know I can work with and will help Eugene tackle its most pressing problems with compassion and a commitment to forging workable solutions. We need Ted on our City Council and I urge Ward 1 voters to support him."

-Randy Groves, Ward 8 City Councilor

"I endorse and strongly support the candidacy of Ted Coopman for Eugene City Council. Ted has demonstrated thoughtful and courageous leadership in advocacy for issues critical to neighborhood and community livability."

-Greg Evans, Ward 6 City Councilor

"Ted tirelessly dedicates himself to improving Jefferson Westside, listening to diverse perspectives and implementing well-considered plans. His commitment to both the residential and business communities is commendable, fostering a positive relationship. I sincerely appreciate his dedication to bettering our community through collaboration and thoughtful action. His leadership would greatly benefit our community and city council."

-Allan Benavides, General Manager, Eugene Emeralds Baseball Club

"Ted Coopman is the leader Eugene needs: proactive, honest, and truly invested in every community member's welfare. Unlike many, he doesn’t wait for endorsements to define his path or for committees to take action. From improving public safety in our parks to addressing complex issues like homelessness and public health, Ted's hands-on approach and straightforward communication ensure that he tackles the real issues head-on, making him the ideal choice for Ward one."

-Ian Winbrock, former Chair, Whiteaker Community Council

"I have known Ted personally for more than 7 years and I am confident that he possesses the qualities, commitment, and experience necessary for this significant role.

In his current position, as Chair of the Jefferson Westside Neighbors, he has demonstrated a remarkable ability to lead and make sound decisions. He has always shown a strong commitment to our community and has been an active participant in various local initiatives. His dedication to public service and his passion for making a difference are truly commendable.

Ted has a clear understanding of the challenges our community faces and possesses the skills to address these issues effectively. He has consistently shown his ability to listen to the concerns of others, to engage in meaningful dialogue, and to work collaboratively to find practical solutions. His strong sense of responsibility, combined with his strategic thinking, makes him an ideal candidate for the position of councilman.

Furthermore, Ted has a proven track record of integrity and transparency. He is a person of great character who treats everyone with respect and fairness. His commitment to ethical governance is unquestionable and his dedication to the well-being of our community is unwavering.

In light of these qualities, I wholeheartedly support Ted Coopman in his pursuit to become City Councilor for Ward 1. I am confident that he will serve our community with distinction and make a significant contribution to its development."


-Gulrukh Rizvi, M.D., Ward 1 resident; owner, Eugene Family Medicine

"Having lived in Ward 1 for over 25 years, I can honestly say that Ted has been the most responsive and active advocate for the Jefferson Westside neighborhood that we have ever had. His responses have been timely, knowledgeable and compassionate. He genuinely cares about the state of his neighborhood and the city as a whole. He has been hands on in problem solving unlike the current Ward rep and I firmly believe that he would bring this level of commitment to the City Council. After my personal interactions with him, it's my belief that he wants Ward 1, and Eugene as a whole, to be regain the quality of community life that the recent councils have been letting erode for their own personal pet projects and agendas. Ted is exactly the kind of person that this city needs to help dig us out of the hole we find ourselves in. I don't even have to give it a second thought. Ted has my vote."


-Elizabeth Treacy, Ward 1 resident

"Ted has been a steadfast supporter of us and New Frontier Market since we took over the business. He was here for us when we had problems with campers, crime, and vandalism and advocated for us with the city on parking. Through it all, he has helped us to succeed by promoting the store to neighbors. Ted has been a great neighborhood leader and we think he would be a great Ward 1 City Councilor."

-Vivek and Anita Parashar, owners, New Frontier Market

"Ted has been JWN Chair for several years and treats all residents and speakers at meetings with respect and an open mind. He's consistently straightforward and an excellent communicator. Works tirelessly for our neighborhood and welcomes neighbors into his home for gatherings during the year."

-Nancy Hafner

"As chair and board member of the Eugene SHINA Neighborhood Association, it has been my pleasure to work with Ted at Jefferson Westside over many years. Ted always has great energy to address neighborhood and city wide issues. He works well with others and sees projects through to completion. He defends Eugene neighborhood livability and yet offers solutions for the un-housed and support for more low-income housing."

-Ralph McDonald, former Eugene Sustainability Commissioner; current Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association Board member

"Vote Ted Coopman for Ward 1 City Councilor.  Ted has years of relevant experience, having served for 6 years as Chair of the Jefferson Westside Neighbors.  As a neighborhood leader, Ted has established productive and collegial relationships with many of the current City Councilors, city staff, fellow neighborhood leaders, and managers of local non-profit and governmental agencies.

Ted is a big-picture thinker who not only can readily identify issues of importance to the community, but has a knack for finding and implementing solutions through collaboration with individual citizens and governmental officials.

Ted has impressed me with his openness and willingness to listen, transparent approach to problem-solving, attention to detail, thoroughness, and positive outlook.  Ted cares deeply about his neighbors and community, and has demonstrated an admirable level of responsiveness to the concerns of others as a neighborhood leader.  Perhaps most importantly, Ted is a solutions-oriented man of action with the perfect temperament for the job.  He sees the big-picture, easily finds realistic solutions, will gladly discuss any topic with others, and keeps an even-keel when the going gets tough.

Ultimately, Ted's best attribute as a candidate for City Council may be his belief in small "d" democracy.  Ted will work hard to ensure that the voices of Ward 1 residents are heard, and will work collaboratively with his colleagues toward solutions that benefit all Eugene residents.  Vote for Ted Coopman!"

-Tom Happy, former Chair, Jefferson Westside Neighbors

"Ted impressed me with his understanding of what it takes to imagine, lead, organize, and follow through on addressing neighborhood and community needs and priorities. Ted leads with compassion and pragmatism, does his homework on issues, and grasps the complex interrelationships of agencies, government and community."

-Rene Kane, former JWN chair; former City of Eugene Neighborhood Liaison

"Ted has been a dynamic leader as JWN Chair. He is readily available to consult with Ward 1 and City of Eugene concerns. Ted is approachable and willing to step up to help solve community problems and issues."

-William Herbert

"I worked with Ted Coopman to get the Hummingbird Mural going at Charnel Mulligan park. He was very supportive in helping me navigate the myriad city rules. Without Ted, a lot of things wouldn't have been done in our neighborhood."

-Stacey Morris

"Ted cares about Eugene's development and the impact on the community and neighbors. He has worked well with Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association Board members."

-Ron & Janet Bevirt,  Co-Chairs, South Hills Neighborhood Association

"Ted has been a tireless advocate for JWN neighborhood issues."

-Amie Rodnick, Ward 1 neighbor

"As someone who spends a lot of time in the Jefferson Westside neighborhood, been involved in some activities and observed Ted’s leadership, I see someone who cares deeply about Eugene and his neighborhood. Ted is fair, compassionate and reliable, and I believe would make an excellent city council member."

-Brad Bills

"Ted strongly supports charter reform. Until such time as we make a charter commission with the mission to give real power to the Eugene City Council, instead of the pretend power that it has now. Ultimately, the city bureaucracy needs to be accountable to the electeds. It's not the job of elected officials to be a cover for the blame of an unaccountable city bureaucracy. If we really want things to improve in Eugene, we need people who are willing fight for it. Ted is that person.


Ultimately, that is the small "D" democratic thing to do."

-Karl Eysenbach

"Ted Coopman lives and breathes effective community activism and practices grassroots democracy from the ground up. As the Jefferson Westside neighborhood association chair since 2018 he is constantly seeking to learn about the needs of his neighbors and community members, then actively strategizing to solve problems and tirelessly working for tangible and effective community improvement. Many examples of his successes are listed on his website, check it out: https://www.tedcoopman.com/meet-ted/accomplishments

Ted Coopman has the record to prove that he will listen to us and work actively and energetically as our city councilor. A vote for Ted Coopman is a vote for effective grassroots democracy!

It is worth noting that candidate Eliza Kashinsky openly states that she would like to dismantle neighborhood associations. In my immediate neighborhood (also Eliza's), numerous "We vote Ted Coopman" lawn signs peppering the lawns have been repeatedly stolen off our properties. While no one has admitted to the thefts, this behavior is indicative to me of a campaign that is not supportive of grassroots democracy, is suppressing our voices, and is willing to take nefarious measures to undermine the competition.

Vote for Ted and AMPLIFY our voices!"


-Jane Happy, Ward 1 neighbor 

"When considering candidates for City Council from Ward 1, my thoughts immediately turned to the long-serving Chair of Jefferson Westside Neighbors, Ted Coopman. I first got to know Ted when he moved onto my block in 2016 and immediately began to make a positive contribution to the neighborhood. Nearly every morning for years I would see him on litter patrol at Monroe Park, steadily doing what needed to be done. He has been the driving force behind planting and cleanup groups at the park and worked there tirelessly himself. Yet Ted always has time to engage in conversation about any issue. Whether discussing homelessness, building codes or sidewalk maintenance, I have found him both informed and interested in others’ opinions.


Even a cursory look at Ted’s record of leadership will show that he has the experience and expertise to help guide our city as we address serious social, political and environmental issues. Ted Coopman will help take Eugene into a future where all of us have a voice in solving the problems we face."

-Rebecca Hammons