This page brings together a collection of essays and letters I've written during my time in Eugene.

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Land Use

Below are a few articles that mention or quote me on land use. To be clear, I support increased density and expediting construction. My neighborhood is the second densest in Eugene, three times as dense as the city's average, and has the largest stock of middle housing. But more density means being able to provide the required services and letting developers know they can build as intended. Density and livability are not a zero sum game. With good public process we can achieve both and stay out of court.

Court sides with Eugene HB2001 opponents; public services plan must consider higher density. Whole Community News.

Eugene's middle housing proposal drew hours of feedback for and against. Register Guard

Middle Housing Moves Along: The Oregon Court of Appeals remanded a portion of Eugene’s Middle Housing ordinance, the city will enforce the code as written. Eugene Weekly